New Release: Snap Shot!

love road trips. Love ’em! Pack up the beef jerky and Twizzlers, collect your perfect tunes, and roll the top down. Whether it’s an hour or five or days without end, great road trips are some of my favorite memories as a kid. I fondly remember being woken by my father when I was five or six years old and grabbing my blanket and pillow and a backpack and loading into our minivan and driving from Nebraska to Georgia, or Oregon to Nebraska, or Washington to California on many, many different family road trips. A couple of years ago I took an impromptu road trip with my best friend, and it is one of my fondest memories of the shenanigans we got up to! So today I have channeled all my road trip energies into my new release, which is based on a road trip of a little different kind:


But like many road trips, Snap Shot (you can get it here!) they don’t start there. This story starts with our two helpless romantics, Jeremiah and Georgia, their junior year of college. She’s a math tutor, he’s a basketball star. They share a secret obsession with musicals. There’s just one problem: they are destined to be friends forever, it seems, and form a fast bond despite all the obstacles life throw their way.

Closeup of a man holding a basketball

Before the road trip to change everything, they were just Big J and Lil G, two college students on their paths to figuring out who they are in the world. Georgia struggles with making her parents proud and her dreams of being a traveling teacher, while Jeremiah only knows he wants to do what society expects of him. How many of you felt that way in college? I know I did, and I see it happen too many times!

Needs to say, Jeremiah and Georgia have not only their complicated college life to navigate, but also their emotions and love lives, too. It’s clear from they love each other, but trigonometry, calculus, Championship basketball games, and a musical later, they are inseparable.

Like so many of my books (and my passion for mental health awareness in our Veterans), Georgia’s brother, Donnie, and Iraq vet, faces a tragedy, and Georgia and Jeremiah are thrust into a road trip that will force them to admit their feelings or turn away from their friendship.

And everything that can go wrong will on this road trip, including a walk on the beach: 

Mixed-race couple in love embrace on anotherIn the end, with just a few days left until their college graduation, Jeremiah and Georgia have a couple of choices to make, about their futures, their undeniable passion, and just exactly what their place in the world is.

I hope you will enjoy my new release, filled with all the angst of a young woman blossoming into a professional nearing the end of her college days, with some light-hearted romance and an entertaining road trip to finish the tale.

I give you Snapshot, and may your road trips be less crazy than theirs was, but whatever you do, remember to capture the memories as many ways as you can, and may you have your happily ever after, too.

So what’s your MUST HAVE for any road trip? Drop me a comment below!

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