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Monthly Feature: Postcards from Montreal!

Postcards from Paris Book 4

Between the delicate melodies of piano keys, I always found the comfort and solitude I longed for. Growing up the only son in the infamous Arnolt family, I’m no stranger to paparazzi; everywhere I go and every man I ever dated was always international news. When the Université de Montréal offered me an exclusive scholarship to study piano a world away, it’s the opportunity to escape the eyes of the press I’ve always dreamed of. Then I met Sergei, and he plays the violin. Little does he know, he’s playing the strings of my heart.

I’ll never escape my grandfather’s legacy as a famous composer, and my choice to play the violin disappointed my family. After finding a postcard from my Aunt in Montreal, I realized a new job and a move is just the change I need. It isn’t easy being a gay man and the grandson to a legacy in Russia, but could Canada hold new opportunities for music and maybe love along the way? I’ll never forget the day I met Renee. He holds the keys to my heart, but I’m not sure I’m ready to let him unlock my secrets.

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