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Life After Us Series, now available on Amazon!

Daisy Song Releasing on February 12th, 2019 via Happy Ever After Publishing.

Vicki Morel and Ambrose Palamo face the destruction of the former United States when Portland, Oregon is attacked by terrorists. When everything ends, can they find love or will this new world be against them?



Celebrate the return of Gill and Marie Lanval with my Christmas story, Magi!

I traveled eight-hundred years to find him, my love, Guillaume Lanval. Six years after he was sent back to his own time in the twenty-first century, we were finally reunited. I’m struggling to prove his Marie is not so different, and I can survive in this new time. When Yule rolls around there’s just one thing I want more than anything else: to make this Christmas one our little Lanvals will remember for the ages.

I can’t believe she’s here: Marie, the only woman who’s ever owned my heart. Unfortunately, I’ve realized you can take the girl out of the medieval, but you can’t take the medieval out of the girl. She’s old fashioned, stubborn, headstrong, and determined to make this Christmas special. Let’s ignore one small, teeny, insignificant fact: she’s also the granddaughter of Merlin, and a powerful sorceress in her own right.

Between magic, mayhem, a talking turkey, and figgy pudding dancing a jig, Marie will teach us the gifts from a Magi are something none of us will ever forget.


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