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Abby’s Promise: Available NOW!


Neither of us wanted to get out of the truck. I don’t think either of us wanted to be alone. And we were both too scared to say it.

Abby sighed and handed me the food. “Enjoy it,” she said sadly, and I noticed she was clutching that damn teddy bear. I’d seen a silly fool to give it to her with that cheesy pick up line: Your desk one looked lonely.

What had I been thinking?

God, Abby looked beautiful sitting next to me, with the sunlight over the back of her house barely highlighting her blond waves and the round curve of her cheek. I’d spent a great deal of the day staring at her. For the first time since she walked into my classroom, I realized she’d gained a bit of weight since high school—since she had Zoey, I assumed. She was even sexier than I remembered. Despite all the shit she’d been through, she didn’t deserve to be treated the way they treated her. They clearly didn’t know the girl I did.

I’d seen a lot of shit in the Marines, stuff I couldn’t forget. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get it out of my head, the kind that haunts you at night like a monster that hangs out by your bed and doesn’t want to leave. But this moment, her, me, all of it? I’d relive it all again if it meant having her by my side. If it meant her promise was true. 

She turned and stared at me, her hand frozen on the door handle, that damn lip tucked between her bottom teeth. “Do you want to come in?”

Abby’s Promise: Available NOW!


Me + You: A Summer Romance Anthology


Featuring my story: Snapshot


One day to remember forever, one trip to last a lifetime.

Life has a way of throwing you curve balls. Dirty laundry, bad boyfriends, and a car breaking down. I thought I had been dealt the worst cards possible, then I got the call that would change it all. My brother had tried to kill himself and I had to get to him now. Jeremiah is my only hope.

I have a secret, and I don’t know how to tell Georgia. She’s been my best friend since I started college, but this could change everything. When she calls me and asks for a ride when her car breaks down, I don’t expect the interception we have to face.

We only have today to create a Snapshot that will last a lifetime, or change our paths forever.


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