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I never asked for this.

But that’s what they all say, right? I’m just a suburbanite mom who does zumba on Tuesdays and picks her kids up from school for playdates.

Thanks to an unfortunate accident with chemical from my husband’s lab, I’ve got powers.

Stand aside, Wonder Woman, hell hath no fury like a mother scorned.

When drug dealers come for my son, they better be ready to face what I’ve got: these kinetic frying pans aren’t going to wield themselves.

I’m saving the neighborhood one criminal at a time.



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Two days after Christmas, two in the afternoon, two passengers must face the storm to prevail against the darkness.

Maggie Espinoza needs to get away from Portland, Oregon, from a blown out past and a bleak future. She figures taking the Express train to balmy Southern California to start over is just what she needs. Two days after Christmas while everyone is preparing for the New Year, she makes her escape during the worst blizzard the state has ever seen.

Jesse Cabot senses a darkness is fellow passenger Maggie when he sits next to her on the train.

Why is she so haunted and broken?

When the train suddenly stops in the middle of the blizzard weird things start to happen.

Random disappearances, an assault, a body in the snow.

It becomes clear it’s up to Jesse and Maggie to find the culprit or face the music on the stranded California Express.


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