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September Release: Loved!


Six years apart, three days to fall in love. 

What’s he doing here? It was supposed to be a fun, relaxing weekend at a famous resort. Just me and my best friend, Cam. This trip to Hood River, Oregon was a chance to finally get out of the city and relax. There’s just one snag: turns out the vineyard is run by my ex-husband Matthew Sinclair, a self-centered workaholic lawyer.

What’s she doing here? When I see my ex-wife Ellie for the first time in six years, all those old butterflies come fluttering back. The day she walked away changed me. When I quit my job and converted this old place into the four-star resort it is today, everything was different. Is this my second chance? If so, I only have three days to prove I’m not the man I used to be and show her what it means to be loved.

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