Anthologies & Box Sets

Beyond the Mask: A Charity Anthology with proceeds to Alex’s Lemonade Stand for Cancer Research!
Featuring my story Super Sam!
Every day is the same: get up, make breakfast for the kids, pack lunches, get them to school, go to PTA meetings, meet parents for soccer.
Until the day of the accident. I never expected the experimental chemicals in my husband’s trunk to give me powers.
When drug dealers in our neighborhood move in and sell to my son, I’ve got some butt-kicking to do. I’m not ordinary housewife. Call me Super Sam. 

CounterClockwise Cover

Counterclockwise: A Fiction-Atlas Anthology

Featuring my story in the Curse of Lanval universe: Thyme for Fire!

Our hunt for Merlin starts in 1666 London, and with the threat of the London Fire on the eve, it’s up to me, Guillaume Lanval, and my time-traveling sorceress wife, Marie de France, to stop Merlin from destroying the future.

London Calling: A Quill and Ink Charity Anthology

Set in the Postcards from Paris Universe, Postcards from London: when Rochelle Addams must leave London and her dreams behind, she finds adventure and warmth in the least expected places.

Postcards from London Teaser

Chasing Fireflies: a summer romance anthology

The Summer of ‘89: A lonely woman left behind in war finds love in a forbidden man.

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Pick Your Poison

Flash-Fiction Stories based on Fairy Tales: Glutton for Punishment and We’re All Mad Down Here

Eclectic Visions

Short Story: Aqua Prison, a mermaid retelling.


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