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Me + You: A Summer Romance Anthology


Featuring my story: Snapshot


One day to remember forever, one trip to last a lifetime. 

Life has a way of throwing you curve balls. Dirty laundry, bad boyfriends, and a car breaking down. I thought I had been dealt the worst cards possible, then I got the call that would change it all. My brother had tried to kill himself and I had to get to him now. Jeremiah is my only hope.

I have a secret, and I don’t know how to tell Georgia. She’s been my best friend since I started college, but this could change everything. When she calls me and asks for a ride when her car breaks down, I don’t expect the interception we have to face. 

We only have today to create a Snapshot that will last a lifetime, or change our paths forever.


 From Paris with Love (Around the World with Love Anthology Series)

New Updated Paris cover.jpg

Featuring my story: Picture Perfect Postcard
Photography has been my life. It‘s more than point and click; it’s capturing the art, the passion, the world of Paris that no one else but me can see. When my editor assigned boxing to my list of mounting photography duties, I never imagined I would meet Louis. He’s crass, arrogant, and he hates my pictures. To make matters worse, I’m falling head over heels. Cest la vie, as they say.
Who is this photographer, Sophie, that walked into my life by the side of the ring and captured my fight with a few clicks of her camera? Her coy smile and the way her dress clings to her hips as she meets my gaze with her camera sets my soul afire like no one has before.
Our love seems like a picture-perfect postcard, but under the surface, she doesn’t know how screwed up I am. I’m in love with the perfect woman, and I can’t even tell her. How will Sophie come to love me as I am?
Picture perfect Postcard cover Mockup.jpg

On the Horizon: Simple worlds of speculative adventure

Featuring my debut Steampunk novel, CLOCK CITY!

Cover_Full_finishedThrust into a new world of clocks, gears, and metal dragons, Alayna and her bands of demons and magicians must put her life is on the line to show the kingdom of Elestra what it means to be free.

A collection of 22 Fantasy and Science Fiction full novels from an international cast of bestselling authors. This action-packed boxset features strong-willed individuals in unusual and exciting settings. Encounter queens, witches, wizards, werewolves, shifters, angels, dragons, or shadowy nemeses. Stories are character driven and set in worlds with low or no technology. You will follow their journeys to discover magical worlds, encounter dystopian lands, space stations, and galaxies they never dreamed of before their adventures. Join us On the Horizon for these deadly and dangerous quests filled with thrilling action and adventure!

London Calling: A Quill and Ink Charity Anthology

Postcards from London: when Rochelle Addams must leave London and her dreams behind, she finds adventure and warmth in the least expected places.

Postcards from London Teaser

Chasing Fireflies: a summer romance anthology

The Summer of ‘89: A lonely woman left behind in war finds love in a forbidden man.

Summer of 89 Cover2


Pick Your Poison

Short Stories: Glutton for Punishment and We’re All Mad Down Here

Eclectic Visions

Short Story: Aqua Prison


Women’s Fiction Books

Fantasy Books


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