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Join Rebekah’s characters on a journey through the end of the world, where determination, love, and grit will help them survive against all odds.

The Life After Us Series

Poppy Boom


“Oh shit,” Ambrose said and grabbed Vicki’s hand, denying her an opportunity to cover her ears. “It’s too late. Come on!” He shouted.

She looked at this near stranger for a split second, and took his hand. She half ran, half dragged behind him and he pulled her towards a sealed tan door down the terminal. He shoved his keycard around his neck into the slot next to the door, and the door swung open, revealing a set of gray metal stairs.

“Go!” He yelled at Vicki.

He didn’t have to urge her twice. She fled down the stairs like hell itself was on her heels.

Oh God, it really is, Ambrose thought in a panic. He slid the doors shut and ran after her, leaping the last three stairs on each flight.

The last flight emptied onto concrete floor, and a rush of cold air greeted them. Ambrose again swung his keycard at the security screen and the door slid open.

On the other side, a large black man in blue janitor’s overalls was standing with a broom raised high over his head. “Halt right there!” he barked. “What in God’s name is happening up there?”

“Patrick, Move!” Ambrose shoved Vicki into him and pulled the door shut.

“Something awful’s happened,” Vicki sobbed. “A bomb…”

“Was just dropped on downtown Portland,” Ambrose finished.

Lavender Dreams


On the run from invading forces, Vicki escapes into the woods with Ambrose. After his truck is stolen, she has to make a choice: accept her fiance, Will, is dead, or keep searching — possibly in vain. Can she learn to love Ambrose as she loved Will?

Khaki. That’s what everyone thinks of him, but Vicki knows the truth, and after that kiss, Ambrose yearns for more. He wants Vicki to forget about her fiance and accept the fact he is dead. They saw him being dragged off in handcuffs before the explosion!

But, what if he’s not dead?

What if he made it out alive?

When Vicki is kidnapped by terrorists, Ambrose fights to find the woman he loves. Yet their lavender dream promises of serenity may never come.

Daisy Song – Coming soon!



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