Romantic Suspense

 Dive into the world of romance, suspense, and thrilling action with these new releases from Rebekah Dodson!

Women’s Fiction

Delve into the world of emotionally rich and complex characters featuring sweet romance, military romance, time travel, and historical romance. Over 20 books available for purchase.

Pictured below: Postcards from Paris series


Time Travel Fantasy

Follow the award winning adventures of Guillaume Lanval and his sorceress, Marie, and their time travel epic to the Middle Ages and back in the Curse of Lanval series


Science Fiction / Dystopian

Join the exciting adventure of Ambrose and Vicki, two strangers thrown together in the apocalypse after the United States is crippled by terrorists.



Thrust into the realm of Elestra, Alayna learns of the Timekeeper’s vicious hold on this world, but if she brave enough to undertake her destiny?


From time travel to super heros and daring heroines, these collections of short stories have something for everyone.


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