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From time travel to battles with magicians, sorcerers, druids and dragons, all with a touch of romance, these fantasy series will not leave you disappointed.

The Curse of Lanval Series

MIRRORS (The Curse of Lanval Book I)

“What is going on?” I said to Jules.

Her eyes were wide with panic as she scooted against the pew into a sitting position. “Gill … Gill, listen.”

Outside the chapel, there were clear signs of battle. The clash of swords, the faint ping of arrows, the screams of men. It sounded faintly like a Civil War reenactment I’d seen when I was a kid, except those screams of agony…

“We must have wandered into one of those living history things,” I said, standing and brushing off my knees. The cobblestone floor beneath me was shiny and new, unlike the dusty, worn stones when we first came in. I offered my hand. “The kind where they fully immerse you in…”

With a whoosh, an arrow flung through the open window and landed at my feet, mere inches from Jules. I stared down at it in disbelief. I’d seen arrows before, at summer camp, but this one was huge. And it was deadly. The point buried in the soft stone. What the hell?

Jules started gasping, panicking. She leapt to her feet, knocking over a pew and stumbling backward. “Gill! Watch out!”

As the battle clamor increased outside, a few more arrows pinged through the window, the deadly steel tips clanging and landing wildly about the room. One stuck into the top of the altar behind us at an angle.

“What the fuck?” I said, moving towards the arrows. They had to be foam, fake somehow, but my God, they looked so real…

Jules grabbed my arm and pulled me against the wall. “This is no reenactment,” she whispered in my ear. “Did World War three happen while we were passed out? What the hell is going on?”

Not World War Three, but something much, much worse. We were trapped in the middle ages. Shit. This was real, all of it. This was my sister’s fault, I was sure. How the hell were we supposed to get home now?

MARIE (The Curse of Lanval Book II)

Castle Teaser Marie
Marie: The Curse of Lanval Book Two

“Oh, God’s bones,” Marie said and reached into the side of her dress. She pulled out a short twig of some kind, wrapped in ribbon with dried berries and a jewel tied to the end near her hand. She flicked it down by her waist twice, drew a little circle and pointed it forward.

The boar disappeared.

I’m not talking like poof, a wisp of smoke, like a theatrical event or anything. It goddamn wasn’t there. One minute it was, one minute it wasn’t. What the actual fuck.

“Where did it go?” I stared at Marie, then back where the pig had been rushing us. Surely it fell in a hole or something. A marsh pit or quicksand or some shit.


“Shush,” she said. “Come on.” She hoisted her skirts and stepped over the rocks, heading straight toward the place the boar used to be. I forgot about my sword for the time being and followed her. She stopped suddenly, and I almost collided into her.

A huge toad about the size of a kitten, shades of brown and covered in warts, leapt out in front of us, then to the right, and took off jumping back toward the forest. As I watched it, I noticed the toad looked a little strange. Staring after it, I noticed it had two tiny little teeth pointed sideways out of its mouth. 

“Marie, did you just…?” I didn’t have the words. I looked at the toad again and back at her. “Okay, so one, that was a fucking huge ass frog. Two, did you…”

She looked at me and shook her head. “Say nothing!” she hissed. “No one can know!”

“What kind of Harry Potter shit is this?”

MAGIC (The Curse of Lanval Book III)

Castle Teaser Magic
Magic: The Curse of Lanval Book Three

I turned toward Jules slightly and motioned to Marie’s hands, which were swirling in the air ever so slightly, mostly hidden in the folds in her skirt. Her wand wasn’t in open sight, but I knew she had it there somewhere. I watched as her lips moved slightly, silently, just like she had that day in the clearing when the boar charged us.

Little Shit had picked the wrong woman to mess with. He dropped the knife abruptly, and staggered away from her, pressing a hand to his head. His other hand weakly pushed Marie to the side, and she stumbled. I rushed forward to catch her. She fell into my arms, pushing away from my chest and dusting off her skirt.

Jules and Blaxton rushed forward, Blaxton swinging Little Shit’s arms behind him. The villain shook his head, dazed, his stringy hair hanging around his face. He slumped against Blaxton. “Are you okay?” I asked Marie, not bothering to hide my concern.

She smiled up at me. “Told you I can take care of myself.”

MERLIN (The Curse of Lanval Book IV)

Castle Teaser Merlin
Merlin: The Curse of Lanval Book Four

“Merlin!” I yelled. The wizard made no indication he had heard me. I needed the arrows neutralized, and only they could do it. I cut my path through the enemy soldiers, making my way toward Mog, who stood above the crowd with his large frame.

Another soldier appeared in front of me, his aim nearly missing my side. I side stepped and slice his shoulder. He fell to his knees. A second came, his spear held high. I ducked, stepped behind him, and trust my sword into his back, pushing him to the ground. With a grunt, I pulled Chevalier free and turned back to the wizards.

When I finally reached them, Mog was busy channeling a white energy into two soldiers, who grabbed their ears in a silent scream, then fell down dead. I hacked down a soldier tangled with Merlin, and the wizard grinned at me. More arrows sank into the ground around us, and without a shield this time, it was a dance of death to avoid getting hit.

Except for Merlin. While soldiers, druid, and English, all ducked for cover, Merlin stood still. He pulled an apple out of his robe and chomped on it slowly and thoughtfully.

Crazy bastard, I thought to myself, but if he had a death wish, there wasn’t much I could do about it right now.

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Marie’s Musings: A Curse of Lanval Poetry Novella

From The Curse of Lanval Series, Marie, Gill’s mysterious great love, shares her poetical musings on life, love, time travel, and magic.

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