About Me


Writer. Editor. Teacher. Mother. Wife.

 These are a few of the hats I wear. 

 But a few more you didn’t know about – history enthusiast, lover of dolphins, and obsessed with education and travel. During the day I’m a writer, an editor for A Novel Connection and a teacher. And in the early morning I have a Spark of Sanity where the words flow on the page. When I’m not writing, editing, or teaching, I’m wrangling two teenagers and three dogs. Let me tell you – it’s not an easy life. 


 Education has been my life, and also my inspiration for writing. I have dabbled in a bit of everything: business, psychology, technical communication, literature, education. My love for education has led me to craft characters in magical worlds, seaside resorts, small towns, and large cities.

 I have traveled beyond the borders of my town, state, and even country, bringing with me the ability to write about nearly every walk of life in every situation imaginable. 

 Yet I would be nothing without coffee.


Join my world. It’s a crazy coffee-induced hazy of writing mayhem, but I promise not to disappoint. From strong female characters, time traveling college students and housewives, single mothers in the open plain of the 1930’s to world-traveling heiresses, let me share my world with you.

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