New Release: My Favorite Shade!

Yesterday I released my new book, My Favorite Shade! It’s been a while since I’ve written contemporary romance (a year, to be exact, since I published my Taylor Swift inspired novel, Loved), and I’m excited to introduce you to Kris and Erik!

Okay, okay, I know the cover looks like romance, and this is, but it’s more of a journey. An epic quest, if you will. It’s the story of Kris Shade and Erik Duchenne – two ‘star crossed lovers’, but I assure you they get a happy ending! The book covers their relationship over the course of five years – the good times, the bad times, and the happy times. It’s quite an adventure, and along the way they learn to love and laugh at all the crazy things life throws at them!

What makes this release unique? Well, Kris and Erik do come from entirely different worlds. Kris is fiery, short tempered, and sometimes a bully, raised in am upper class broken home but now a successful computer teacher. She won’t let Erik get away with anything, but deep down she has some childhood trauma to deal with.

Erik is a complex creature I created, a blend inspired by people in my daily life. He is a not-so-typical “beta” male – timid, shy, scared, and afraid Kris will find out his secret. He works retail, has a roommate, and loves Dungeons and Dragons, and of course, Kris.

I’m pretty excited to share this book with you, and I hope that you will laugh, cry, and most of all, enjoy Kris and Erik’s tale of love, laughter, and happiness.

Read Chapter 1 here, or check out Kris and Erik’s complete story here, available now on Kindle Unlimited!

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