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Postcards from Paris Series

Elijah Baker and Rochelle Addams had no idea when they met in college they would spawn a legacy through history and beyond.


Room 331 

0Room331PrequelI will never forget the day I walked into Room 331. New school, new town, and I was way out of my league. I’m just here to study journalism, keep my head down, and maybe one day I’ll get to intern for a big magazine. But then there’s her — Rochelle Addams. She’s everything and nothing I ever wanted, and my head is spinning. Ro is quiet, mysterious, and haunted, and she’s changing my world. She showed me what it was like to love with all my heart and soul, look at life a different way, and burn with jealousy. She’s been through hell and back and I’m still here. God help me, I can’t tell her how I feel. Will I ever be able to? Will things ever go back to what they were in Room 331, or are we doomed to play this game, her and I, of love?

Postcards from Paris

1PostcardsFromParisOne night ruined our friendship, ten years down the drain. We had been everything for each other. Elijah was my rock, my brick. He had been there through my parents’ divorce, my many breakups, and we had started a magazine out of my garage together. We built that baby from the ground up.

Ah, Oui. I carry her secret, and my own. I love to cook, I love her, and her past makes me wish I wasn’t a non-violent man. I have loved her from the moment she set foot in the cafe, she is Mon Amour.

Heart and Soul (A Postcards from Paris Novella):


Now a successful writer and active Parisian, Rochelle thinks she has found her soul mate. Years later after the secret that brought her to Paris is exposed, her heart betrays her. She risks everything to follow her heart, knowing her soul will never be complete without him. How will she save her husband, her family, and her writing when her heart belongs to someone else?

Postcards from America

2PostcardsFromAmericaParis has never been home, not this stuffy mansion, not Father, nor my American mother— Rochelle. I may be the heir to his fortune, but I hate I’m expected to already be grown and responsible. Tomorrow I turn eighteen, and I discovered a secret. Marceau isn’t my real father. My life is a lie. My real father is in America, and he used to write me postcards. Why did they keep this from me?

Things were never the same after Dad died in the war, even though I was almost to young to remember. I guess mom saw too much of him in me, even though I’m adopted. I’m a pilot like him, and I’ve never felt more at home than soaring through the clouds at 20,000 feet. A move halfway across my world, and a new college is just what the doctor ordered. Life is great with Uncle Elijah, until Elise shows up with her Frenchitude. I don’t know if I like her… yet.

He loves and wants me. He thought he was doing what was best, staying away. Will my newfound freedom come at a cost when I fall for my cousin? Is America my forever home?

Postcards from Moscow

3PostcardsFromMoscowI’m running from my past. Well, not all of it. Just some of it. I don’t know if I will ever dance again, but I know I can teach. When the jerk dropped me, he broke me. I wasn’t expecting the first postcard from Vasily, so I scoffed. Why would I want to talk with someone who could do something I couldn’t? But, my mother had taught me not to be rude, and I responded anyway.

When I saw Jacquellyn Arnolt’s name on the list of injured dancers I could write to, I almost didn’t do it. She’s close to my age, but my French is not the best. We only have one thing in common: our love of dance. I am thrilled to get her postcard back, and respond right away. When she tells me she’s coming to Moscow, I am terrified.

We know we can help each other, but can we learn from each other? Ballet has broken us and built us, but will it completely destroy us in the end? Beauty hides under the bright lights of the ballet, amidst the lure of Russia’s most beautiful city.

COMING SOON: Postcards from Montreal! 

Summer 2018

Stand Alone Novels

 The Surrogate: A Tale of Two Loves

The Surrogate Cover

For starters, you can call me Dr. Lydia Hager. My life as a successful psychologist has been pretty normal and down right boring. I have a small practice I run from home, and my son, Quinn, away at college, is smart and handsome. My dog, Alex, is always glad to see me. Oh, and there’s Lincoln, who helped me co-parent Quinn. Lincoln is my best friend, but he’s married to someone else. Isn’t that always how life works?
Anyways, I’ve got a problem. Lincoln wants me to have his baby. Well, you can imagine what a pickle I’m in. Especially since I’m in love with another man. And he’s Irish, and I can’t resist him. I’ll never forget that Thursday…

Sixteen Days

16 days cover front 3

Annie and Levi have both seen their fair share of troubles. Each reeling from a death or divorce, they decide to help each other heal on the shores of the Oregon coast. But as Annie’s time to depart draws near, will she choose to stay or leave? This is a story of death, decision, and delicate passion as two lives intertwine to prove that sometimes 16 days can last a lifetime.

Recruit My Heart

Recruit My Heart eBook

Liz Masters gets the chance to visit her deceased husband in the past, she falls for his best friend instead. She finds love over a cup of coffee, but her world in the present is forever destroyed. What happens when the past doesn’t like to be changed?

Gilded Rose

Gilded Rose

After fleeing a loveless and abusive arranged marriage, Rose O’Conner is determined to survive the harsh Oklahoma prairie summer during the bleak rebounds of Depression-era America. When she meets the mysterious Alejandro Zabelta, he sweeps her off her feet and shows her a love she never knew existed; but secrets hide behind his dark eyes. On the brink of the second world war, he is called back to Europe to fight for the dreaded Axis power. Rose must face the risk losing him, but his hidden past could tear them apart forever.



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