New to my books?

So I’ve had a few questions surface lately: “Where do I start? How many books do you have out? What kind of books do you write?”

Well, here’s some answers to your questions: primarily wherever you want, about 40, and romance, science fiction, and fantasy.

So without further ado, here’s all my books and the series they belong to and some questions to ask yourself before you start reading:

Curse of Lanval Series

Have you ever seen Deadpool? Doctor Who? Enjoy your time travel with a wise-crackin’ college student at the helm? The Curse of Lanval Series might be for you!


Life After Us Series

What happens when America is invaded in the year 2035? Fans of apocalyptic science fiction will enjoy the Life After Us Seris.


Realm of Elestra 

When Alayna gets dropped in the realm of Elestra, she’s about to meet a whole new team of adventurers. Steampunk meets historical fiction, in this first book in the series (Clock City) and the two prequels: Timekeeper and Lydia.


California Express Series

Miss Marple meets Sherlock Holmes in this edgy thriller with a hint of romantic suspense. It’s a race against time to find the murderer, in the vien of “Murder on the Orient Express.”
Califnoria Express Series 2


Postcards from Paris Series

Do you enjoy small town family saga women’s fiction with a touch of romance? Elijah and Rochelle’s legacy might befor you. In order: Room 331, Postcards from Paris, Heart and Soul (Interlude), Postcards from America, Postcards from Moscow, and Postcards from Montreal (coming soon).

Stand Alone Novels

Enjoy second chance and military romance with a little suspense? Check out these stand alone novels!


Surrogate: Tale of Two Loves (romance) 
Sixteen Days(second change romance)
Recruit My Heart (military romance)
Gilded Rose (Historical romance)
Abby’s Promise (military / new adult romance)
A Road More Traveled (romantic suspense)
Loved (second chance romance)


Questions or comments? Would love to hear from you! Feel free to email me at!

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