New Audiobook: Timekeeper is LIVE on!

I’m so excited to bring you my newest audio book, Timekeeper! This is the prequel series in my new fantasy Ya series Realm of Elestra! My favorite thing about Timekeeper is the wonderful narrator, Andrew McDermott, who offered his delightful Irish accent to that of the Timekeeper. Thank you, Andrew for your wonderful talent in making this story come alive:

Saved from the streets by the mysterious George Whipple, Parker and Lydia grew up in the Whipplehouse Orphanage. After being fitted with a magical monocle, Parker finds he has the ability to stop time. With his new power, he spends his days tinkering and inventing intricate doodads. Life is grand until the night Elias comes to town.

Parker’s life is turned upside down when tragedy stikes on the night of the winter solstice of his 18th year. He risks losing the one thing he loves most: Lydia. But will his newfound power be able to find her? And what about the perplexing machine in the cellar workshop?

Timekeeper  audiobook cover art

Not an audio book fan? Grab the kindle OR (NEW) paperback version!


Already read Timekeeper? Clock City, the next book in this series, is OUT NOW! 

fantasy mockup

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