We have all seen what’s popular in the writing world today. Google Top Romances on Amazon and you’ll be awash with attractive men, bare chests, and damsels in distress. Slim, fit women, a gem to the male eye in scantily clad bits of fabric, adorn some covers in a seductive embrace with their savior. Alas, Women’s Fiction mirrors the same results, or worse, abstract stories of love and loss with no hope at the end of the tunnel.

What if you don’t need saving? What if the power to save yourself … is within. 

If you’ve come to my website looking for strong masculine men, I have some bad news. I don’t write women that need to be saved, strong athletic men, or borderline abusive relationships. My women are broken and damaged to the point beyond repair. Without the help of a man, they rise above the ashes and determine their own self worth. Men be damned.

I write what’s real. 

What do we value in life? Is it money, good looks, fame, charm? As humans in society today, all these things are what we are taught to value, yet are out of our grasp. So what’s the real value of a relationship?

Is it 3am discussions on Game of Thrones? Is it getting in the car and driving to nowhere, just to sit on the banks of a lazy lake and enjoy the sunset? Maybe it’s their trip to the grocery store at 5pm, because you’re too tired after the work day to pick up mundane items like milk, eggs, and bread? Is it a kiss on the forehead at night that washes your sorrows away when the world is just too much?


Maybe, just maybe, life is more than a broad-chested man appearing from the wilderness to sweep us off our feet. Maybe we have been strong for too long, and we can’t do it anymore.

And maybe, we just overlooked the man that didn’t stand out above the crowd. He was sweet and timid, hiding behind glasses and a good book. He wanted to share his story with you, but you held on to that bare-chested impractical knight in shining armor that never came.

That weak man in the corner of that coffee shop? He’s waiting to share a meme with you on your worst days, wants to tuck a steaming latte in your hand when you just want to cry, and tells you a joke to cheer you up. But just like any good fantasy story, he’s not a half naked barbarian with sword and shield raised high. He’s the support class that everyone needs in their party. He’s a magic-maker, a story-teller, a swashbuckler. Without him, the world is a little darker. With him, the world is an amazing place, and you have the strength to make it one more day.

In the past you chose that knight and he wasn’t what you needed at the time. Our stories are fluid, ever continuing. We fight to repair ourselves, and often we find that knight was in us all along. Maybe we had support, maybe we didn’t. But in the end, it’s our story that matters.

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Can women be kick-ass heroines in their own right, who find love along the way? Sure. Can they find it in the least expected places? Absolutely! Don’t let a man determine your worth. Be your own savior, the controller of your destiny.

If you’re looking for a strong woman who doesn’t need a strong man to make her who she is, you’re in the right place.

Here’s to strong women.

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9 thoughts on “Strength

  1. Thank you! This needed to be said. This needed to be laid out. Beta males are just as important in literature as Alpha Males and Alpha Females deserve their chance and to be brought to the front and center. It is their time.

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    1. I totally agree! Alpha males and females have their place. I like to read them too, on occasion. But, there’s something to be said for the nice guy that we often overlook.

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  2. Reblogged this on Deliaria Davis and commented:
    With everything going on, don’t you think it’s time that we read books with strong women, that impower the men around them? Alpha’s need to become a thing of the past, something we look at and go “why did we love those when they were so abusive” and love our Beta’s! Rebekah’s books are full of Beta’s to love. Check them out.


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