Happy Release Day: A Road More Traveled!

Happy Release Day for A Road More Traveled!

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Me, approximately 12 months ago:

Waking from the dead of night, I saw a woman in my dreams driving a red convertible. She’s speeding on the interstate, but where is she going? Who is she running from? All I know is her name is Diana. Elegant, graceful, like the princess of the same name who’s wedding was one my earliest memories. Then I hear it: the voice of a small child, about five or so. Preschool age, maybe. What’s her name? Clara. “Where is daddy?” the child asks.

(I’ve probably been watching too much Doctor Who, but that’s besides the point.)

What would a woman run from  in an expensive BMW convertible? The mafia? Too easy. What about a husband. Yes, a husband who is an alcoholic and has cost her everything.

And he should be British.

(Stupid Doctor Who.)

Yes! His name is George, like King George, who was a dick. George Cumberlin and King George. Very fitting.

In the end I never realized this book would turn into a romantic suspense/mafia story…I never thought I’d attempt something like this. But there it was, unfolding to me, at 3am on a June night: Diana and George’s story, which is also Diana and Franscico’s story, and Diana and Justin’s story. That makes Diana sound terrible, doesn’t it? I prefer troubled.

Like many of us, Diana doesn’t know what she wants. After years of foster care and poverty, she’s blinded by the prospect of a comfortable life with Franscico, and then George, who promises to give her riches AND safety.

But in the end we choose those “Justins” in your life that are good men. Simple, down to earth, hard workers. They will fiercely protect us with their lives…


Thus, I give you A Road More Traveled. May you enjoy Diana’s tangled web, the deceit that comes with it, and the journey to finding where her heart really lies.



Diana Cumberlin knows one thing: he’s coming for her, and he’s not the only one.

Fleeing a ruined marriage and a mob boss with a vendetta for revenge, Diana will do anything to protect her five-year-old daughter.

From contacting long lost lovers to family she abandoned years ago, Diana is determined to set right her past transgressions on a road more traveled.

Order now for only 99c! 

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