New Release: The Life After Us Series!

It’s here, it’s here!

Been waiting for the entire series? Plus some kick-ass bonus content featuring Vicki and Ambrose and their journey to save survivors in Oklahoma? Wondering how in the world they could survive the end of the world?

Wait no longer! Look was dropped today:

If you haven’t seen the series yet, here’s a little more about Life After Us:


Vicki Morel believes she and Will, her gorgeous fiancé, have it all. They’re living the American dream, even under Martial law. When Portland, Oregon is leveled by a terrorist grade light weapon, she loses Will at the airport and her entire world is turned upside down.

Ambrose Palamo, an aviation student, saves Vicki and promises to help her find her fiancé. What he doesn’t expect is the feelings that start to form for her as they search the dangerous Oregon woodlands.

On the run from invading forces, Vicki escapes into the woods with Ambrose. After his truck is stolen, she has to make a choice: accept her fiance, Will, is dead, or keep searching – possibly in vain. Can she learn to love Ambrose as she loved Will?

When Vicki is kidnapped by the terrorists, Ambrose will risk it all to rescue her. Through a plane crash, escaping crazy doomsday preppers, and invading a military base, Ambrose and his band of survivors is determined to rescue Vicki. He wasn’t born a leader, yet the people follow him, determined to carve their own path in this world.

The poppies bloom to remind them of what they have lost, the lavender promises peace, but the with the daisy comes the promise of a new life in this altered world. 


Here’s what some of the reviewers are saying:

“Poppy is a gripping dystopian story and I was captivated and a bit freaked out by it because I live about three hours from Portland, Oregon. I also have a sister and niece who live in Portland, so needless to say this felt a bit too real to me.” – Michelle V. 

“This immediately grabbed me from the start and I never wanted to put it down. It is very cleverly written and I adored the characters.” – Cassandra Exley

“A mesmerizing tale that took me by surprise. I wasn’t prepared for this journey that the author created in this book…The cast of characters has provided drama and suspense. All the loose ends are tied up neatly. A well written series that will make you think.” – RM

“Not only this book but all three of these books had it all: Love, hate, fear, hope, and every emotion in-between.” – KD Bloodsworth

What are you waiting for?




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